Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards 2012

I’m tired and Bridesmaids is on so let me be quick. The KCA’s were fun. I successfully snuck my Nikon camera in after four years of trying *high five to me* and we sat with Mos Les and her cute niece, Ellie. Let me tell you, the ringing in my ears is pretty much permanent thanks to the shrieking every time they said Taylor Lautner or Big Time Rush. Why aren’t there awesome boy bands like NKOTB and Kriss Kross like we used to have? Oh man, Please Don’t Go, Girl was the absolute shit!!

As you can see the venue is enormous, we sat pretty much in the same area as last year
Hosted by Will Smith
The Black Eye Peas
Katy Perry was suspended in front of us for like 10 minutes, she said Hi!
First Lady Michelle Obama
Taylor Swifty, totally doing her shocked/flabbergasted face
Posted Image

Boywolf Tay Tay Lautner
One Direction *whoever they are*

Liv was pretty enthralled by the show
The Beebs *the little girls went ape shit*
Slimed to death!
Completely splooged!
My only celeb sighting…Travis Barker, really cool, sweet guy
The Orange carpet!
I have no idea who she is but her shoes are Fierrrrrrce!

Nighty nights!

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