What’s Happening Highland Park?

This morning we checked out Milton to find that he is tucked away, nice and cozy in his new lovely cocoon. He is definitely in Chrysalis stage. Which means we need to upgrade his accommodations so when he turns into a butterfly, he has room for those pretty wings. It’s crazy how much he’s grown in 2 weeks!

Milt’s cocoon has iridescent flakes of gold, fancy!
You can see his old skin he recently shed

So we went out to find a container/mansion for Milt to move in to. On our way home we stopped to check out the new Highland Cafe that opened on York. It is super cute! They were giving out complimentary cookies and coffee. They officially open on Monday. I’m so stoked about our neighborhood.

Coming soon, Pop Hop

I love this building

Free treats!!!

I love the decor, Lucha wrestling masks!

Popped into The York

Best creepy mannequin ever

We were peeking into Ba and now there have tables and chairs, opening soon I hope
We want to try lunch here one day

This door is gorge

The sign says This Space Left Blank Intentionally

Mmmmm, cookie!

Sign goes up

They fucking rule at rad fonts!

Manicure battle

They didn’t have any Peter Pan balloons so we settled for Tink

We are so happy happy!!

Here’s a great article about Hip Highland Park by the LA Times. We have to give this place, Good Girl Dinette, a try, it looks so cute and delish!

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