One Month to go!

How could it be that in 31 days Liv will be 2 years old? Now that it’s getting down to the wire, I am thinking maybe the tram isn’t the best option for a 2 year old. I still want to go to Palm Springs but I only have one thing I want to do in 100 degree heat…swim! I found this incredible hotel over at Cakies so of course now I want to book it.

The Saguaro Hotel

It’s less expensive than the Ace but has just as much character. The pool looks awesome and we can have a pool party for Liv. I am dying to make a rainbow cake for her birthday but we will go to dinner out there.

Rainbow cake Rainbow cake Rainbow cake
so pretty!

It helps The Saguaro is having a 25% off sale for the next 2 days too. I also have to book our cabin for Trevor and Jessica’s wedding in December. All this hotel booking but no Hawaii *sads*

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