I scream for Sprinkles Ice Cream!!!

Yup, tomorrow Aimee, Liv and I are going to Sprinkles ICE CREAM opening! I hope the line isn’t as ridiculous as the Sprinkles ATM was.


WOO-HOO! I love Memorial day weekend, it kicks off summer season and Antz will be taking off a bunch of days next month. He’s taking next Friday off so he can come to Scruffin Rock class with us to celebrate Liv’s birthday. Did I mention I went to Surfas and bought a mini cake stand and icing spatulas?

That little guy is for the edges
I want mine to look like this one

Rainbow cake #rainbow #cake


I’ll be freezing the cake Friday night so Saturday I can frost it nice and smooth.

So besides her doll, I need to finish working on her 2nd year video and wrap her presents. I really hope my laptop cooperates with my camera cause I’m going to be taking thousands of pictures. Lately I’ve been uploading 5 at a time which takes forever but it’s the only way I’ll ensure to not get those lame black images. Next week I’m definitely taking my computer in for service *and the Nikon D3000 too!*

I got her Shutterfly Photobook in the mail yesterday. I love how it came out. I really like their new chalkboard style. You can see it online here. We plan to make a book every year!

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