Ni Hao!!

That’s hello in Chinese cause Liv & I are watching some Ni Hao, Kai Lan at the moment. I was too tired and frustrated to blog yesterday. We went to the fabric store in downtown and I stocked up on materials for Liv’s birthday present. I bought her this book and now I would love to make her a doll she can take to Paris too.

Kiki & Coco in Paris

I found a bunch of awesome fabric and stuffing. I made my own version of the Bloom Theory camera strap *mine cost $3.25* saved $116.75!!

Sunkissis via Instagram

We picked up my Mom from her house in LA and then we had dinner at Wurstküche. I was expecting it to be crowded but it wasn’t at all. My Mom loved it, she had the rattlesnake and rabbit too.

Best picture ever!!!

Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday? I took these shots, you can see the reflection of the crescent.

Disney Concert Hall
Just caught the lovely sunset

Our internet was down most of yesterday *we think due to the eclipse* which really ticked me off, I couldn’t even get internet on my phone so it held me up from working on Liv’s doll. I’ll try to work on it in the evenings while she’s asleep.
I had to drive back to our house to pick up Ching Ching *my Mom’s pug* and by the time I drove my Mom house it was 11:30! I’m still having trouble with uploading photos and I plan to take a ton of pictures for Liv’s birthday so I have to get this fixed soon. Nothing bums me out like technical issues.

Today my special shoes I ordered for Liv’s birthday arrived. Care for a peek…?


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