Snowball is sick

My car decided to be dumb yesterday out of nowhere. The check engine light came on and when I would try to accelerate Snowball was huffing and puffing like a old lady with asthma. WTH? This is my 3rd lease from Volkswagen and the first one I’ve decided to keep at the end of my lease *to save money for our new house* and now she wants to give me problems? It’s funny how tomorrow is her 1st birthday and she has the nerve to get sick.

My Snowball IV

I have no clue what’s wrong with Snowball but I took her to the dealer last night *because they were smoking crack if they thought I was bringing her at 6:30 this morning* and I’m supposed to hear the diagnosis at 8:00 am. Alright, it’s 19 minutes after and I need my car to be fixed! I took her in last night cause they told me they could probably fix her then but when I dropped her off they tell me she’ll be the first car looked at in the morning *fucking efficient!* It’s a good this happened now instead of the day before we leave for Palm Springs because I am notorious for having a crisis just before leaving town. I take her in for service on schedule, feed her yummy, expensive gas, occasionally get her washed and keep her looking pretty, so why no work Snowy?

Bah! I just called them and the incompetent jerk I’m dealing with tells me there’s something wrong with the fuel sensor, they are running tests…blah…blah…blah, he’ll call me with an update at 11 *right, like you were supposed to call me at 8 am* Nothing sucks more than car trouble except computer trouble. I’m going to drop Antz off at work and take his car *lame boy car* to my date with Aimee at Sprinkles Ice Cream because those jerks haven’t offered me a courtesy car yet. Okay, enough with the drama, my kid’s birthday is next week and I don’t need anything else to go wrong.

We took Liv to the park and got ice cream after dropping Snowball at the dealer.

my Mom stopped by on her way home and played with Liv

She refused to let me style her ‘fro, this is it’s natural state!

I love how retro this place is but the one in Eagle Rock sucks!
She killed her mini sundae

Wish me luck I get my car back by next Friday!!!

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