Dear Antz,

It’s about to get real sappy, so be warned. Father’s Day is the day I longed to celebrate with you for a long time. Olivia and I are so lucky to have you. You make us laugh, and you devote yourself to us. I am blown away by what an unbelievable Dad you are. You teach Liv something new everyday. You are always patient and kind. You dance with her and act silly. I sometimes feel like my heart is going to explode with love when I see you with our daughter. She grabs your neck and holds on to you, safe in your arms. I see her kiss you and say “I love you Daddy” in her little voice and I could die from happiness. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. You make our days incredible. I wish I could capture every single moment but I am grateful to have these. Olivia has the coolest Poppa ever. We love you.

**We bought you a gift for Father’s Day but Amazon is being lame so it won’t arrive on time. This guy is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. So today is your day, we will do whatever you wish *even nothing at all if you like* Happy Father’s Day my love!

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