Chili Chili Baby

Humming the Ice Ice Baby beat now…Holy Balls! Antz decided to make chili from scratch. I honestly didn’t have high expectations cause chili is made from the heart, you let it slow cook for hours, drench it in juices and simmer in seasoning and use a recipe passed down from generation to generation. That guy blew my socks off. Paired with my Jiffy cornbread *it was my first time making cornbread using jiffy* WOW! I hope someone invents smellovision cause our house smells amazing right now. The chili had the perfect consistency. Spicy, but not too spicy. Perfection. I had 2 bowls! He told me his secret was adding sausage and chorizo.


My attempt at a chili cornbread cupcake, it tastes better than it looks
I bought all these new spices
Secret recipe




Delish, delish, delish!! Antz wins at chili goodness.

Today Liv had a playdate with her best bud, Kieran. The plan was for them to ride their scooters but choosing a park as the location wasn’t so smart. Liv rode her scooter for about 48 seconds. She then ran, climbing and jumped for an hour straight. She wore me out. It’s funny how she rides the scooter in the house all day but the second I take her to ride outdoors she’s like, nah.






I love this photo, she is midair during a jump…she looks like she’s levitating!
Liv looks so long, like 4 feet tall!
Surfin’ Dude!
Happy Happy weekend!!

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