My Dream House

I know I mention my “Dream House” every hour. Okay, I’m going to set the record straight. This is my Dream House *for real, real!!* I discovered this gem on CurbedLA which features more photos.
Case Study House architects Buff, Straub & Hensman

Touring Space's Buff, Straub

Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous? This home is in San Marino which is a tiny town south of Pasadena. It’s such a lovely, rare place *it’s the town from Father of the Bride* with zero crime, no graffiti, total suburban bliss. Dwell is having tours of prominent homes on the East side of LA. I am completely smitten. This house has everything I have ever wanted in a home. The seamless blend of 60’s mid-century and updated decor, heaven! The family that owns this guy are so lucky! Guess I’ll have to play the lottery today.

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