Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking

Yesterday my friend Aura and her girls, Sofia & Elina came over. They are spending the summer in California from Helsinki *we’re visiting them on our Paris trip in 2014* Holy Cow!! The last time I saw Sofia she was just born. She’s now 17 months old and super adorable. I go nuts when I hear Aura speak Finnish to her girls *I can’t wait until Liv can speak French with ease*. I just about had a heart attack when Olivia opened her birthday gift from Aura and the girls.

An authentic *Inger Nilsson* Pippi Longstocking costume from Sweden!!! Holy Balls!! Check out the matching wig *there’s wires to make her braids stick out* I was spazzing out like I won the lottery. I can’t wait for Liv to wear it on Halloween. It pays to have a Scandinavian homegirl!!

I love how coordinated Sofia & Liv are

I took my girls to the Americana. Antz met us there to join us for lunch at Fridas.

Minua ja minun awesome tytöt!

How cute is Sofia?

Hugs are FUN!

So pretty!


Aura broke out her balloon making skills for Olivia. The guy behind her asked her to make balloons for his kids. When she finished he asked how much? Aura told him, nothing but the next time you see a kid who looks like he doesn’t have money, buy him a toy. I was in tears, this lady is too rad for words!

Of course we stopped by Anthro so I could pick up some new knobs for our printer.

Oh lovely, comfy bed, how you seduce me!!

Ugh, sorry lovelies, I am in such a grumpy mood. We just flushed $250 down the pipes getting our bathroom and kitchen sink unclogged. I am so over our house’s plumbing. Boo!

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