My Better Half

a photo from our honeymoon, don’t ask me about my hat, I was under the impression I was FABulous!

Since Antz & Liv are peacefully slumbering in our magnificent king size dream bed, I was thinking about all the awesome things about this wonderful boy I married.

Here’s a few things about Anthony… *better known as Antz which is the British nickname he has adapted*

He has never had a cavity. *eye roll*

He ALWAYS smells good.

Which is due to the mass amounts of shampoo & conditioner he uses daily to tame his luscious mane.

That he wants to cut because of some ridiculous oath I swore that he could cut his hair when our bebe turns 2.

He has yet to trim his locks *I hope because he knows how much I love his hair long*

The last time he cut his hair was the year we bought our house, in 2006.

He used to have an adorable mohawk, which he got cut in London. *I thought it was adorable but high maintenance*

He has been to Singapore 3 times.

He failed his driver’s test 6 times, he finally passed the week of his 21st birthday a few days after he met me.

Antz has the SWEETEST Mommy you could ever have!

I think if he could, he would eat chicken everyday for the rest of his life.

He drinks a Diet Peach Snapple everyday.

Won an art contest in high school and used the winnings to buy a Nintendo *the first one that his Mom still plays Tetris/Dr Mario*

Despite being a talented and professional artist, he lost on Win, Lose or Draw *to a piemaker

*I promise to upload the video when we get home*

He can’t swim without goggles & noseplugs.

He can play songs on the piano by sound.

His parents had 26 siblings combined *Dad – 8, Mom -18, yes 18 children all born at home by his Grandmother, the original Duggar!!*

Doesn’t like hot drinks.

He always waits until the last minute to make his Halloween costume.

His favorite ice cream flavor is Baskin Robbins Rocky Road.

Spent his childhood summer vacations in Nayarit, Mexico *his Mom’s hometown*.

He would one day like to own a pygmy goat and a donkey.

If it weren’t for me, he would only have Radiohead on his ipod.

He is the happiest in an air conditioned environment.

Wears the most fun dressy socks to work.

Thinks there’s no better clam chowder than in Boston.

Loves baby bulldogs.

He literally cannot eat a pastry or dessert without an ice cold glass of milk.

Wants to learn Japanese.

Cannot function without Q-tips.

He prefers home cooked meals to dining out.

Loves being a Dad more than anything else in the world.

My better half and partner-in-crime for 16 years now. I love you.

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