Monday Antz took the day off. He woke Liv and I up at 8am and told us, “We are going to Disneyland!” We only stayed until 2pm because Liv had Discovery program at school at 3:30. Antz took her so he could meet her amazing teacher and I didn’t want Liv to be distracted with both of us there *like she used to when we took her to dance class together* They had a blast and when they returned, Antz took a short nap and back to Disneyland we went. We rode a few rides but Liv was amped up to watch the fireworks show. We stayed until 11 and as our tradition, we rode It’s a Small World for our last ride.
It wasn’t that crowded for a warm summer day but school has started for most of the kids in LA and I think a lot of folks were over at California Adventures checking out the new Cars World. Thanks for the fun and spontaneous day my love!!

$178 for 2 adults seems reasonable

Liv was fascinated by the Evil Queen peeking out of Snow White’s castle

This is what happens when you ask the wrong person to take your picture, can you even see us?

The Haunted Mansion broke down right after we left the room that stretches, we had to exit the ride. We ended up going back on when we came back later that night. My favorite ride in the park.
Nap before school

Youtube is being a brat with my videos so here’s one of Liv on my flickr.

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