Beach Volleyball

We played beach volleyball today and I am sore and starving so while I pour my glass of Moscato wine, please enjoy these photos Antz snapped since I completely forgot to take any pictures. *so unlike me, huh?

 Summer has just one week left, so here’s a look at the status of my Summer Bucket List.

1. New patio furniture/re-seed the backyard grass *make it pretty again*
2. Celebrate Antz birthday in style *DONE*
3. Attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
4. Beach Day *DONE*
5. Sprinkles Ice Cream
6. Attend Liv’s Pre-school Summer Serenade

7. Weekly Farmer’s Market
8. Attend Carlos & Stephanie’s baby shower *DONE*
9. See Brave at the El Capitan Theater *DONE*
10. Make cornbread from scratch *DONE*
11. Scooter playdate with Kieran *DONE*
12. Ride the ferris wheel at Balboa boardwalk
13. Road Trip! *DONE*
14. Go to the Los Angeles Public Library *and ride Angel’s Flight*
15. Summer BBQ *DONE*
16. Attend a Bonfire
I had to include a photo of my BFF who has the stomach of a sumo wrestler!!! She does not fuck around when it’s sushi time!!!

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