Back to School Night

Holy Cow! The last time I went to one of these I was in fourth grade and my Mom was trying to squeeze into my tiny desk at my Catholic school. This evening is Liv’s first back to school night, where we have to chance to meet one on one with her teachers *who are amazing!* and find out how she’s been doing so far. I am excited to see what they have been working on because every time I pick her up she is covered in paint. Thursday she came home with painted blue lips.

She crashes as soon as I pick her up from school

Yesterday Aimee came over for our date and tried to eat the World’s largest burrito.

She didn’t succeed even with her bottomless pit of a tummy. Liv convinced her to take a ride on her Rody. If I tried that it would totally deflate.

Sadly I lost one of my diamond earrings *the rad ones I got from the Renegade Craft Fair* I hope it’s in my car, sads.

**UPDATE!! Antz found my earring in *all places* the kitchen sink, thank goodness for strainers! YAY!!!

This morning I pre-ordered my new white iphone 5, so now I have to wait seven whole days *#1stWorldPeopleProblems*

Tonight after B-to-S, I have a date with my lovely. We’re gonna see The Master!!

Happy Happy Weekend!

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