Mix Tape Friday Vol. 8

New Year, New music…sounds lovely to me!

I found this amazing band on my fave show Yo Gabs during the Share episode. They are super cute and have made it to my Awesomely Happy playlist, quite the distinct honor! They remind me very much of Deerhoof with a dash of Freezepop.

I think Yuko Araki “Migu” *the girl drummer is super adorable.

“Count Five or Six” Cornelius

My next band is seriousnessly rad. They sound European but they are from the South *Say whaaa?* totally rocking my world.

“Tim, I Wish you were Born a Girl” Of Montreal

I have been playing this band too much *Antz can’t take them anymore* but I think they are brilliant. Michel Gondry *frequent Björk collaborator* directed this genuis video. I wish they would put out a new album soon, I’ve worn Viva La Woman out!

“Sugar Water” Cibo Matto
Boo, Warner Bros *aka Tha Man* cockblocked embedding for this video but here’s the link.

Now it’s time for Björk song of the week. This week is an oldie but greatly. I know I’m biased but I have never heard such orginality, magnificent voice *even when I have no idea what she’s saying*, such natural talent. Hearing her sing live brings tears to my eyes, it’s so ethereal is the best word I could describe her as.

“Cocoon” Björk

I found out about this next guy from my Beauty School Bff, Jessica. She just saw him play at the Hollywood Bowl and now I’m super jealous. He so reminds me of Elliott Smith *they are both from Omaha* but I hope he doesn’t end up like Elliott, who committed suicide at a young 34 *which I will be turning in 2 months, eeep*  His voice is haunting and sweet, I love this video *Antz cannot stand him, he finds him to be pretentious, haha*

“At the Bottom of Everything” Bright Eyes

Speaking of suicide…why are the most talented and successful people end up depressed and kill themselves? Alexander McQueen, Micheal Hutchence, Kurt Cobain *although, I seriously think foulplay was involved*

On a lighter note, here’s the random song of the day. Brought to you from Space Ghost *a short lived awesome show that has a huge cult following* As a matter of fact, Story was Brak *along with Chris a Moltar* for Halloween one year and their costumes was so spot on I regret being too drunk to have taken a picture. I stole this one from her facebook. I do not love beans, for the record.

“I Love Beans” Brak

My last song for this Mix Tape Friday switches up the all Indie, all the time mix. Being a former MM fan, I get nostalgic for some hardcore rocking every now and again.

*yep, there was a semi-Goth phase in my life, 1997 was a hell of a year!*

That is a scrapbook I made of Marilyn Manson photos and memorabilia, one day Liv will find and say “What the fuck, Mom?!!”

“Coma White” Marilyn Manson
This was back when Rose McGowen was so adorable, before she ruined her face and hooked up with Robert Rodriguez *gross*
I’m going to dinner with my Mommy tonight, later skater!!

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