Yes, Yes, Y’all!

I am doing the MC Hammer dance right now

Why, you ask? The owner of Liv’s school emailed us last night letting us know that November 3rd is the Head of School presentation for Liv’s French school. Okay, you may recall I was a ball of anxiety and nerves when we were going through the grueling admission process for Liv to get into her preschool, that was a cake walk. Shit just got real. This is a one and a billion chance. This school is mega expensive and every single French person in LA sends their children there. Last weekend at Terry & Morgan’s baby shower we met their neighbor Marc who is French. He told us his boys go to that school and his advice for us was to send Liv to the Pasadena campus because the Los Feliz campus is super hard to get into. OYE!! Headache and butterflies have set up camp in my stomach. This is the Dream school. The only other French school is much more expensive and all the way on the other side of LA, like an hour away.

The good news is, Renae told me she has a great rapport with the French school so that is an advantage. I’m feeling positive vibes, bonne chance and I need to step my French up about 10 levels. No more dicking around. This school goes from preschool to 12th grade so it will be the only school she goes to. If she gets in, Liv will be fluent by 3rd grade. AHHHHHHH!

This morning I snapped a picture of Liv playing at school. I send it to Antz and he was like, hey that looks like you at her age. Wow! Twinsies *although Liv is much more stylish than I was*

Playing gardener is the best!

Liz circa 1979                                                                      Liv 2012

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