A Brand new Kitchen!

Antz and I have been talking about our kitchen renovation we’re planning this spring and yesterday we asked a realtor to come over to give us a professional assessment. He told us it only makes sense that we replace the cabinets with new Ikea ones. The price is about $2000 but our 89 year old cabinets will look horrible, even with a new paint job and fancy new handles and knobs. I’ve been checking out the catalog and we are thinking of going with the Akurum/Applad series.

Ikea Akurum white cabinets, tiny space,  farmhouse sink
Here’s an example of the cabinets from Pinterest

This is similar to our layout with an L-Shape. I want an apron front double sink and a dishwasher. I keep going back and forth between wanting to stay on a under $6,000 budget and wanting a really nice kitchen for more. We’re gonna bite the bullet and pay Ikea to install them since, A. our house is so darn crooked it would be impossible for us to figure out how to install them properly and B. we are handy but not that handy. I feel more comfortable doing the subway tile backsplash and painting ourselves.

I’m hoping we end up with a kitchen pretty close to this one.

There is so much to love about this kitchen

I’m increasing our budget to $8,000 but for a brand new kitchen, having our plumbing repaired and getting the floors refinished, that’s a bargain. Speaking of bargains, I found the steal of century online tonight but it’s a Christmas gift so I’ll share it next month. Since we are getting a new kitchen, I thought Liv would like one too. We’re buying her a mini kitchen set but I plan to add a personal crafty touch. I am still waiting for the Melissa & Doug food sets to go on sale on Amazon but so far the price has only increased and decreased by a few dollars. 

We had such a fun weekend. We caught up with family and friends and ate so much.

Bleu & Bacon burger and sweet potato fries from lunch at Granville Cafe

We’ve been so busy we never had a chance to watch Moonrise Kingdom but Liv did watch Cinderella. She liked it, particularly the mice. I have Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter from Netflix but I heard it’s pretty lame. Thank goodness next week isn’t super booked. Antz is taking Friday off so we can have a consultation at Ikea about the kitchen and we can get started on Liv’s kitchen. Oh! Antz put up the Holiday decorations in the house this morning. We’ll put up the outdoor decorations next weekend.

My Grandma’s 65 year old Porcelain Christmas tree is holding up well.

Have you started holiday shopping and decorating yet? Here’s how the bedding looks, I love it!

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