I want my PINK Christmas!

Every year I tell Antz this will be the year I am getting my dream pink Christmas tree.

This was from a photo shoot in Blueprint magazine *which sadly is no longer in print*
@Jessica Godinho Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree, Pretty in Pink Christmas Trees - Treetopia

I tell him I’ll buy it either on Black Friday or after Christmas when it’s on clearance. Yet, I seem to talk myself out of it when I start to think about the big picture. We hope to sell this house and buy a new bigger house that will accommodate a six foot tree. Then there’s the price tag. The six foot tree comes with 500 lights is regularly priced $438. Insane, I know, which is why the clearance price of $168 seems so reasonable, right? I usually spend $15 on a cute Charlie Brown sized tree from Fresh & Easy. It’s tiny enough to sit on our congas and we have just enough ornaments to give it some charm. It’s a nice compliment to my Grandma’s porcelain tree *that still plays Silent Night*

Last Christmas
This is the only heirloom I have from my Grandma Louise

I check every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but the lowest it’s ever gotten is $148. Then I have to add $58 for a tree stand with wheels. I’d have to invest in a Christmas tree bag to keep it stored in the garage, that’s another $59. I haven’t even started a budget for ornaments. Anthro is killing me with these beauties…

Cast of Characters from Anthropologie on Vimeo.

Odette Swan
Odette Swan

Hopefully these guys will go on sale after Christmas but I’m certain they will be gone by then. So this is my annual dilemma; Break my holiday shopping budget on my dream tree which will barely fit in our current house. Or wait until we buy our new house and go all out for our first Christmas and face the risk the most of these items will be sold out in 3 years. That swan ornament reminds me of my lovely Björk. I’m sure she would tell me to buy it in her sweet little Icelandic elfy voice. Have you lovelies trimmed the Christmas tree yet? Do you buy a fresh cut tree or you have an artificial tree you’ve had for years? My reasoning tells me it’s a lifetime investment but knowing how often I change my mind, I just may want to get this awesome guy next year.

upside down christmas tree
Bottom’s Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Antz says it looks blasphemous. Genevieve Gorder had one that hung from her ceiling and it looked so rad! I have to find the episode of Dear Genevieve that I saw it on.

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