Hello First week of 2013

My batteries are all charged and I’ve got a skip in my step towards making my resolutions into reality. I’ve got my first scheduled Wii workout tonight. My plan is to get 3 workouts and 2 walks a week. I had to postpone last week’s workout since I was sicky. Now my lovely Liv has what appears to be a light flu. She’s sneezy, coughy, fevery, stuffy, achy, runny nose and has a serious case of the sleepys. I’ve been giving her liquids, soup and toast. So far toast and fruit is all she eats but she’s not barfing which is good news, I suppose. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll go to school tomorrow. I’m sure by Thursday she’ll be back to her bright and cheery self.

Outdoor garden area, ready for a party!
Here’s a sneak peek!

I have made progress in the Great Birthday Plans. I found the perfect venue, within a reasonable budget and accommodates most of our needs. Antz is going to take a day off this month so we can check it out since it’s closed for private parties on weekends. I hope all is well and I can book it so we can secure our date *June is a very popular birthday month* I was going to order Party Packs from Hot Dog on a Stick but the new venue includes pizza and who doesn’t like pizza? That takes a great load off my plate since I no longer have to find someone to pick up the food and all the expense of keeping it warm, and the condiments involved with hot dogs. I’m going to make lemonade myself and use my new lemonade dispenser. The adults will be happy to know I can serve beer and wine at her party. It’s all coming together and before I know it, June will be here. This morning I found the perfect 3rd birthday party outfit for Liv but I have to hold off ordering any clothes for her since she grows like a weed and everything I’ve bought so far she’s on the verge of outgrowing. It is ridiculously cute in an edgy-but-sweet way *not your typical tutu with a shirt that says I’m 3* I’m super excited for her party!!

So tomorrow I will meet with our plumber, Martin, to get his feedback on the faucet I bought. Our existing sink is only 29 inches wide and the new sink will be 36 inches so we are going to reconfigure all the cabinets layout. In March we’re having Ikea come to our house to measure our crooked walls. I’m so happy we aren’t installing those cabinets ourselves because we have the slanty-iest house in the world. I call it my Pop-up book house. We’ll attempt to do the backsplash ourselves since we have experience installing waterproof drywall and tile, so I’m pretty confident. My Mom has a hardwood floor guy to refer to us and all we need to find now is an electrician *who doesn’t charge $200 per hour*

I’m pretty geeked out for Antz & my date night in a few weeks. We’re gonna see Life of Pi. I wasn’t gonna see it until I read the book *which I hear is pretty awesome* but life with a toddler makes reading a rare occurrence. My friend Nic said it was visually stunning.

Happy Monday!

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