I have a one-track mind lately, well, actually multi-track mind. Liv being sick for the last 3 days is super lame. I’m just getting over my cold, we are both sad faces.

Matching chins, only her double chin is cute and mine is horrible!

This amazing song is constantly playing in my head from putting together Liv’s birthday party playlist.

The Killers – ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! from Shiddidonem on Vimeo.

Last night Antz and I had our first Wii workout last night *I’ve gained 2 lbs since Halloween* I did 36 minutes of boxing, step, hula hoops and kung fu *my favorite* I’m not the least bit sore today! So when I’m not preoccupied with those things, my mind is daydreaming of our new kitchen. It’s hard to stick to our tight budget, especially when our 10 year old toaster dies and I have been wanting this handsome guy for ages.

Dualit Citrus Yellow New Generation Classic Toaster - 2 Slice
Dualit toaster in Citrus Yellow
So cheery and bright but I just cannot afford $239 for a yellow toaster. I did find something more price friendly that’s cute.
Bella Dots 2 Slice Toaster - White

Bella Dots 2 Slice Toaster
Although I’ve read reviews that this guy likes to burn toast. Then there’s these vintage inspired guys.

Sagaform Store  Bowl with Lid - Large
Sagamore bowl
Sagaform Store Square Jar
Sagamore Storage Jar
KitchenAid Classic Color Utensils - Turquoise
Pretty turquoise utensils
Band of Outsiders Cookie Cutters
Band of Outsiders cookie cutters are on sale
Knowing my luck when I’m ready to buy accessories, they will be sold out *they are sold online only* I am so excited to actually have counter space for lovely things. I am constantly looking at white subway tile kitchens on Pinterest. I’m a little cautious of buying any cute stuff now since I still haven’t gotten a final plumbing quote and I’m expecting a ton of unexpected costs when Ikea installs our cabinets. We didn’t budget for professional demolition. We’re going to attempt to do it ourselves and see if we don’t ruin our house before we have to hire professionals. I have to WILL stay on budget!

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