Special Guest Blogger-THE NOTORIOUS BFF

Hi,everyone!It’s Lizzy’s Best Friend fo-eva,Aimee!Lizzy asked me to do another special guest blog post.It has been a long time since I last did this blogging thing.I will try to be as interesting and entertaining as I possibly can(I tend to be one of the most vapid people on Earth,so lemme try my best).

So…LET’S GET THIS SHIT SHOW STARTED!We shall title this blog post:BFF SHIT LIST # 2!All of my favorite things right now in the whole wide world…HERE WE GO!!!!!!!

Me and my soon to be Dream car!!

1.The Fiat 500 Pop(color:Verde Chiaro):
Ok.So,I have never been a car person.My Lizzy has never had a “broke-back” vehicle.She has always had the newest and cutest Volkswagen.Always top of the line.I have always had a rickshaw.It’s just how I roll(…or not-HA!).I do not think that in our almost 16 years of friendship that she has ever taken a ride in my vehicle.Not that I blame her.I have been a single mother since my early 20’s.I have always sacrificed for my son to have the best of everything.Now that he is almost a grown up,I am going to buy my VERY FIRST CAR!!!!!OMFG!I am so excited…Lizzy told me that I could totally do it(she really believes in me…),and that I deserve something nice!I do,Goddamn-it!I plan on getting my dream car in March!I am uber excited!!!!!The car is super fun to drive(I test drove it already)and has great gas mileage!It looks like a shoe and is super teeny tiny.I really love it!EXCITEMENT X’S INFINITY!!!!

2.Koreatown(a.k.a KO-REEEEEE-UHHHH- TOWN-UH):
I moved from Venice,Ca in November to be able to afford my car payments(very smaaaaat…).My rent is about $500 cheaper,all utilities,and my new joint is almost exactly the same as my old one.The only drawback is that K-Town is a 45 minute commute from the beach where I work.By the time I moved out of Venice,I was seriously over it.It was a total carnival atmosphere.It gets old.I lived there for ages.Korea-town is very “Third World”,but,I dig it.I like dirty.I like different cultures.I like crazy foods…I feel at home in K-Town.And,Korean barbeque is so effing yummy!I am so lucky it is in walking distance from my house!YES!!!!

With my BFFs last summer

3.Las Vegas,NV:
Ok.So,I liked a guy(if you can call “IT” that)who moved to Las Vegas.I went there to visit that knuckle-head&fell in love with Vegas!OMG!I love that place…The last time I was there 2 months ago,me and my friend Erin stayed at the Cosmopolitan!


It was so lovely.Our beds and the bathroom were the best!
I love the freedom of having a cocktail at any hour of the day(they have those “Yard” thingies to get you WASTED for hours)


…smoking like a chimney,and playing slots!WEEEEE-HOOOO!The Michael Jackson slot is my favorite!

It plays music and the seats vibrate!

I won $500 on that thing!

I also found my new favorite bar(and I hate bars and anything to do with them,or the folks that patronize bars-ew!).It’s called “Blue Martini”. They had awesome live cover band playing(Ashley Red), I have a mega crush on the lead singer, shhh!I freaking love Vegas!That place is like a fantasy land for adults.It’s all glittery&shiny and junk.


 Being tipsy is always a plus in my book…HA!I wanna go back and see Celine Dion(don’t judge!)and Britney Spears(when she takes up residency at one of the casinos there).I love that place!Lizzy is over it,but,I’m a late bloomer…


4.Red Lipstick:
I always have a full face of make up at all times.This is a true fact about me.I will not even go down the street for a cup of coffee without a full face.Nope.Nothing natural about me.Not a damn thing.I love chemicals,perfume,make up and being feminine.Make up rules!So…my new “thing” is red lipstick!It really makes the mouth the focal point of your face.Mac Red(the name of the color by Mac Cosmetics)is the ONLY red that looks good with my skin tone.I also use Cherry (again,Mac)lip liner to line my lips.

5.Nars Blush Exhibit A:
Last time I blogged,I was raving about Super Orgasm blush…I still love that stuff.But,I felt that it wasn’t “make up-y” enough for my tastes.I like to look like Baby Jane Hudson all day and night!

Exhibit A helps me to achieve this hardcore “Kardashian” look I need to make my life complete!Then,all is right with the world…(p.s. Exhibit A is BRIGHT red-use sparingly).

6.Gel Nails:
My new favorite thing!So,check it out…Lizzy says I have “Crypt Keeper Hands” *Liz note: so true, she needs to wear gloves with lotion all day & night!

It’s true,I totally do.They look like they belong to a corpse. All dry and shit. ASH-Y…Whatever..so,my friends told me about Gel nails.These things last for 3 weeks!OMG!So shiny and purdy!They make my skin look waaaaay less crocodile.They do take ages to get(almost 2 hours).So be prepared to sit there for 5 years.But,it’s worth it! Trust!

7.Karla Deras:
Karla Deras is a fashion blogger that attends FIDM here in Los Angeles.Her blog is OMG!She has the best style,best make up,nails,hair,and DIMPLES!I totally just copied her blue nails,too!I think she is the most adorable thing in life right now!She also sells her own line of jewelry at high end department stores.Her blog is called “Karla’s Closet“.

8.Megan Martinez:
Megan Martinez is a BAD-ASSED make up artist and co-owner of Chaos Make-up.She is based in Texas.She is so damn talented.I love her.She does unbelieveable work..I really want to take one of her classes(I have my estheticians license,and really want to get back into doing things with skin-maybe even make up school).Anyway,I love her!

9.Sophia Amuruso:
This chick is the shit!She is the owner of Nasty Gal.OMG!The clothes are fantastic(ok…some are real hoochie)!I buy a MEGA amount of my clothes from Nasty Gal.Sophia Amuruso was on the Forbes “One’s To Watch” list. I don’t even think she’s in her 30’s yet…Check out NastyGal.com

10.Stampd Dope Bathing Suit:

I need a one piece suit for this summer(I have to hide all my junk-i.e.stretch marks and saggy,old lady unsightly blubber).This is my favorite!So cute!Kinda last year,but,I don’t care!Loves it!

11.The word “MEGA”:

My favorite word right this second…I don’t know why..I just love it! M E G A!!!!!!!!!!!

12.Gold Knuckle Rings:

My Lizzy gave me a set for Christmas!I love these things so much!I don’t wear them everyday(I wish I could)…I don’t want to ruin them…They are so special!LOVES!!!!!


Lizzy turns me onto all sortsakindsa things…She always says,”Oh,DO THIS!I am fucking begging you!Trust me!You will love it!”And,I am always like,”Yeah,right…I ain’t doin’ that dumb shit!”…And,then,I do…And then-I AM HOOKED AND ADDICTED TO WHATEVER IT IS…In this case,it’s the PINTEREST!I have over 460 followers and I just love pinning!I do it for hours!!!!!It’s so much fun!Lizzy knows me best…that’s why I love my bff(don’t try and steal her…SHE’S MINE!!!!!!)

Ok…this was my “Shit List #2″(hahahaaa…#2…).I hope you all enjoyed it list of crap.I hope to do it again really soon(Lizzy wants me to have a blog of my own…I cannot commit enough time to a blog,and I don’t wanna half-ass it).See ya!!!!!!!


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