It feels like ages since I last blogged. Sorry lovelies, I’ve been enjoying hanging at home with Antz & Liv. We had an uneventful 3 day weekend. Saturday Antz and I had a business meeting. Monday, we watched the inauguration concert and hung out in the backyard. We finally had a break in the cold January weather and Antz moved our patio dining table back upstairs. Liv & Antz made homemade lemonade and I picked up Chipotle and we had our first outdoor lunch of the year.

I hope to have many more outdoor meals but our 7 year old grill died so we are looking at replacing it with this guy.

STŌK™ Island 2-Burner Gas Grill
Totally cute and we only need a small grill, nothing fancy. After lunch we took a walk on York Blvd. Antz and I are not pleased that Cafe de Leche is adding a mural to the lovely brick wall. Highland Park has it’s fill of murals; the Virgin Mary is plastered everywhere as well as every party shop has Spongebob, Elmo & Dora *which never seems to look right
I adore street art but something tells me that this guy isn’t going to bring it in the mural department.

 I do love the lovely yarn bombing on York. Highland Park has been coming around. This article came out last week and gave us some hope that our little house could one day bring in the big bucks. Who knows, we’re already being dubbed the next Echo Park. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not. We’re still debating the big kitchen remodel, go big or go budget?

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