Valentines Day

I walked into the living room and discovered this loveliness last night. Pretty ballooooooooons & hearts!

I only wanted the red one but he got me all of them, in every color. This man understands my obsession. Thanks love!
Those photos from my iphone last night didn’t do them justice. These balloons are MAJOR, I want to walk down the street with them all day!!

I was speechless *which never, ever happens* I cried, hopped up and down and shook my hands like a crazy person. I’m still overwhelmed by Antz surprise skills. He totally got me, I was planning to go to the cart at the Grove tomorrow and whine like a puppy. You guys know me, I’m totally gonna try to rock all of my hearts at once *just kidding!*

He’s not the only sneaky one, I had a gift for him from Poketo.

He reacted the same way I did. Sike! I really love you Antz. You amaze me everyday, even after 16 years. Thanks for being a rad Valentine.

I’m a long time beanie fan, as you can see

This is my eight hundred and eighty-eighth post. It is incredible how many happy memories we have from the past 4 years. XOXO

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