Spring Beauty

It’s been years since I did a beauty feature but ever since I got my new favorite Nars lipsticks *Schiap and Heat Wave* I’ve been feeling super glammy. Wednesday I decided to amp up my eyes for the babyGap/Babiekins Magazine Spring event at the Grove.

No jokes about my giant banana hands!

I wasn’t gonna add this photo cause it’s so blurry but I want to show you my shadow

Ban.do overload, FABulous!!

Let me tell you my trick when applying eyeliner…a q-tip dipped in a gentle make up remover. Clinique Take the Day Off is my fave since there’s not too much alcohol which irritates my eyes. Pencils have erasers on the back for a reason and unless you are a super talented artist like my amazing husband, you are like me and can’t draw a straight line freehand, so I cheat. My hand gets crazy shaky when I’m applying eyeliner on my top lids, so when I go crooked or too thick, I just use the q-tip to remove my mistakes. I also try not to pull my lids too taunt since it stretches my skin and can give me a puckered line instead of a smooth one. Then I apply a base of MAC primer on my lids to serve two functions, give my eye shadow something to stick too, and it makes the pigment in the color really pop without using tons of product. I took a MAC Pro class with my friend Jessica years ago and I learned how to use the right brush for the desired look. Before I just used my finger or whatever brush was handy but if you want a flawless satin look, invest in a good quality blending brush. You will get better coverage and use less product. I’ve had my makeup for years because I use very little but it goes a long way. While you at it, once you spend the bucks for a lovely brush, treat it with care so you can keep it forever. I wash my brushes once a week with baby shampoo and warm water. Always let your brushes dry naturally overnight. In my former life, I dabbled in make up so I have amassed quite a few brushes.

I bought my motherload, a complete set of Nars brushes, for a steal on ebay *please purchase with caution, many counterfeits are out there*

My daily use brushes are my beloved Chanel shadow brushes I purchased using gift cards from Sephora back when they carried Chanel. Now you can find them at Nordstrom or high end department stores. I also have a few MAC brushes that work wonders. Since I’m a product junkie, I have to mention my blush, or as Antz calls it, my clown paint, it’s called Amour by Nars. I usually swear by Orgasm *just like my bestie* but this has a more pink tone that I love compared to the peachy tone of Orgasm. I made this video of my new spring pieces on my Vine. My new Seychelles heels are ridiculous. Antz measured me and I am 6’2″ in them *GIANT!* I love them and can’t wait to wear them to my birthday party.

I have been following Babiekins on Instagram for awhile now but I haven’t been able to find an issue at any magazine stands or Barnes & Noble stores. I got a complimentary issue at the babyGap event and Liv got to make a crafty bracelet. We had a lovely time.

I couldn’t make up my mind of which polka dot shoes to get. After consulting Aimee, I went with the oxfords because they are super comfy and the skimmers showed too much toe cleavage for my taste.

Yay, I can finally wear shoe clips on these guys!
Happy dotty feet

There was a few events going on at the Grove. There was a long line of folks trying on Banana Republic clothes for this Mad Men promo.

Of course I had to pop into Anthropologie but I am waiting until my birthday to buy any pretty things for our kitchen so I can use my 15% birthday discount.

So pretty!!

Those owls were calling my name
I really would love to color code our dishware like this

There was a huge crowd of folks waiting for Mark Wahlberg and Diddy to show up for Extra but we left before they arrived. Lame, I’m not a fan of that show.

I gave the editor of Babiekins Liv’s comp card while she was raving about how gorgeous she is. I hope I hear from her because having Liv featured in this magazine would be rad. They carry my three favorite kid’s designers Misha Lulu, Bobo Choses and Tutu de Monde. I’m looking forward to their spring issue that will be available at Target. Wouldn’t Liv be a great feature as a Lil’ Stylekin?

I love this photo of Olivia

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