Designlovefest/ohjoy Yard Sale & Etsy Pop up Shop at West Elm

Happy March! Happy new header courtesy of my amazing hubby, Anthony!

Today was a beautiful sunny day. Our spring flowers are blooming in the backyard and the honeybees are happily collecting pollen from the pink flowers on our plum tree *and causing me to sneeze out of my mind*. I picked up a few pieces from Target yesterday to brighten the kitchen.

What a wonderful day for Olivia to turn 33 months old!

Bri *designlovefest* and Joy *ohjoy* had a yard sale this morning. I was looking for rugs and possible chairs for the living room/dining room but we didn’t find what we wanted. I did score a B to add to our collection and I needed a huge bag of pink balloons.

I was thinking of this for Aimee but she might not have the room
I was almost sold on this rug, the perfect style and $40 price but it was teeny tiny for the space we need it to go.
Yeah! Rentals had some pieces in the yard sale
This vintage trunk was epic, but no room for it in my house
I really wanted to give this radio a home but we are filled to the brim with accessories, I have to stay focused on kitchen things. Yet, for $30 this guys still worked!

Liv scored an elephant that we are going to spray paint gold and turqouise
My loot and a few photos we took with my Fuji Instax camera
Bri, always smiling and fabulous
Stripes and dots and Joy!

After a quick lunch at home, we headed back out to the West Elm store to check out the etsy pop-up shop the lovely Emily Henderson was curating.

S M E G FRIDGE!!! I wannit so bad, but this guy is seriously tiny
Heirloom LA made delicious blood-orange juice with ginger
So many pretty things
I wish I got her name because she was super cute, and so was her jewelry too
We got some free soap samples from Fabled
Put a bird on that shit!
why am I obsessed with containers? Love these so much, they would look incredible on our wood countertops and our white subway backsplash
Fantastic stationery and cards
The Flashdance at work, playing all my jams
BIAcp2 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
J’adore Smilebooth
My favorite designer ever, Mrs. Emily Henderson. She remembered us from the Oh Joy book signing. WOW! #blognerd

We’re going for an evening walk to the taco truck with my Mom now. Happy Happy weekend!

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