Happy Seven Year House Anniversary

It was drizzling when we drove our U-Haul from our old apartment into our new house in the unknown land of Highland Park back in March 2006. I had blue hair then and was a cosmetology school student. Antz had much shorter hair and we were super excited to start a new chapter in our lives. Homeownership!

The morning we closed escrow! I drove a VW beetle back then
We spent everyday at Home Depot for weeks
Getting rid of the awful red paint in the bedroom, it took 4 coats!

At least the floors were in good shape

The extent to our furniture during our move in week
The kitchen cabinets were too long to fit a standard size fridge
Our first major purchase for the house was a washer and dryer, fun!
The bathroom was scrubbed by Antz sister
We seemed to think it was a great idea to paint Antz office red and brown at the time
Antz Mom came over to visit our new house

Spring in our backyard is amazing

Now 7 years later we have lost a family member but also gained one. We have replaced the front deck/garage roof, painted 75% of the interior and remodeled the bathroom. Antz and I have scheduled a tentative date of Saturday, April 6th to begin our kitchen remodel. We are also going to replace our fence in the backyard before it falls over into our neighbors yard.

This was our fence the day of our inspection in February 2006.
Same fence today
Darn you heavy grapevine
Not sure if we can save the grapevine since it’s growing at the base of our fence.

We have a second estimate scheduled for Saturday. Stupid fence! That’s cutting into my pretty stools budget. I need these!!

Marais Stool Wood Seat
Marais stool

Happy Anniversary house! Despite my love/hate turbulent relationship, thanks for keeping our family safe and warm, even though your plumbing stinks and your walls are crooked.

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