Mommy’s Day Adventures at Salvation Mountain

Antz and Liv woke me up early to give me these lovely gifts.

I am in love with Liv’s gift, so rad!!
YAY!! Antz got me the Rebecca Minkoff P.Y.T. Pouch I so subtly mention here.
We went to Antz Mom’s to drop off some gifts and say Happy Madre’s day.

Then we drove to Apple Valley to see my Mom.

Liv is wearing her Misha Lulu Hen dress

Okay, I own my quirkiness. I are one curious cat so when I heard about a mountain that was turned into an art piece, I was intrigued. So of course, I dragged Antz, Liv and my Mom on a road trip to find Salvation Mountain. I didn’t tell them where we were going so there was tons of are we there yet questions and then where the heck are you taking us moments. The mountain doesn’t have a physical address and google maps was like, dude you are on your own. So after hours of driving along the Salton Sea *which smells like a sewer* and a bunch of wrong turns *into trailer parks and Hills Have Eyes looking towns* the only thing that saved me from getting killed was the car’s air conditioning and my assurance that it’s worth the trip. It also helped that it was Mother’s day so they sort of had to put up with my shenanigans.

I love this little family of mine
We all agreed this place is magical
The mountain and caverns felt like the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland did too much acid and ate some bad shrooms!
I climbed my ass up the mountain and then realized I was too high for comfort *especially wearing espadrilles* so I scuttled back down
Olivia doesn’t jump, she levitates
This nice man is John. He volunteers at the mountain and was very sweet. He attempted to kidnap my Mother but I talked him out of it.
He then drove us to what we were sure was our impending death, awesome doom buggy right?
Good sign, very Mad Max
Oh, so this is the beautiful hot springs he was telling us about *whispers, CREEPY!*
What a lovely cesspool, actually it’s a broken well that hippies use as a spa
My brave Mom said it was boiling hot but relaxing
I love this crazy lady!!
Happy Mother’s day! Thanks for putting up with my adventures for 36 years.

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