Le Dîner en Blanc Los Angeles

So now I can finally let the cat out of the bag. Tomorrow night is gonna be EPIC, Antz and I will be attending the first ever Dîner en Blanc in Los Angeles! Attending Le Dîner en Blanc has been on my Life List for years. I was shocked to receive a call asking if I would be available to volunteer for the event. The secret diner is exclusive and invites are sent by members only. Since this is the first year for Los Angeles, they opened registration on a first-come first-served basis, by the time I registered, I was put on the waiting list. A few weeks ago, I saw on facebook they were looking for volunteers so I signed up. Then I got a voicemail on my cell saying I needed to call them back to confirm my availability. Unfortunately after a few days of phone tag, by the time I reached the woman who called, they were all full. I was super bummed, but a week later she called back saying someone had to drop out and I can take her place! I was so happy, and I found out I could invite a few folks too. So long story short *too late* I am a volunteer for the Dîner en Blanc! Now, most of you have no idea what the heck it is so here’s a video.

Here’s the rules.

Le Dîner en Blanc is quite different from other evenings. Seats are
allotted on site in a very specific manner.
– Once confirmed, the presence of each guest thus becomes essential and
mandatory, whatever happens and regardless of weather conditions;
– Colour: white only;
– Bring a picnic basket, white table cloth, table (between 28”x28” and
32”x32”) and foldable chairs (white);
– Arrive and depart by bus or organised public transit;
– Bring one’s refuse when departing and leave the place as clean as it
was upon arrival.

So in tradition with our anniversary pop-up dinner, tomorrow night we will be boarding a bus and arriving to a secret venue for a pop up dinner with 1,300 other folks all dressed in white.  I’ve been working hard getting everything we need. My love helped me make my FABulous headpiece.


I will show you the details tomorrow!

I was lucky enough to borrow the fold up table and chairs from my Mommy-in-law, Maria and I used what we had around the house for the table settings. I bought new plates and battery operated candles from World Market. I set up a dress rehearsal of our table. I only had white carnations in the house so I used them for filler.

This tablecloth has special meaning to us. It’s a souvenir from our first trip together to Venice, Italy.
We are picking up Sprinkles cupcakes *for the cake stand* and Tenno sushi for dinner


Yep, we are bringing a photo of our lovely Liv with us!

Today I went shopping for flowers. Not to be predictable but I wanted white peonies so I walked all over the flowermart only to find one booth had them. Normally, they are $6 a bunch at Trader Joes when they are in season, but being off season, I knew they would be pricier. My jaw hit the ground when they guy told me they were $27.50 per bunch!! With three lousy stems in a bunch I would spend close to $75 for a bouquet. I went the cheaper route with a couple of $5 bunches of hydrangeas. They hold up better than peonies and they are fuller.

Am I nuts or don’t these look pretty crappy?
These would be a dream but $65 a bunch is pretty steep for some orchids.
They smell so nice, still my fave flower but so expensive!
$5 A Bunch. Winner winner, chicken dinner!!

The hardest thing to find was the white shoes. I had my heart set on these but they only came in bone (off-white) which wouldn’t fly. At the very last second, I found a pair I loved but they were sold out of my size *which is always the case* so I called Nordstrom and they found a pair for me in Washington DC. I had them over night the shoes and I had a heart attack waiting for them to arrive all day. I am gonna barf if they don’t arrive in time tomorrow.

I don’t know where the venue will be but I do know the city. I plan on taking thousands of photos. My guests are equally fabulous so we will be a rad bunch. I am so happy happy to be a part of history!!

Bon Soirée!


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