Off to Market

Since we are currently waterless I thought it would be a great time to check out the Sherman Oaks farmers market *there are so few markets on Tuesday evening* We arrived at the perfect time since it was sunny but cooler than earlier. Antz was on stroller duty while I played photographer

After sampling these white peaches I had to have one. Sooo yummy!! The lady gave me a mini apple for Olivia *which Antz ate*. This was a nice FM but I was disappointed there was no kettle corn stall. So Antz got Korean BBQ *as always* and I got a bag of warm peanuts. We probably won’t return to this market but we are trying out the Calabasas one this weekend. Then we stopped at Baskin Robbins on the way home.

On the drive home we crossed one of my favorite bridges and I jumped out of the car just before the sun went down to get a couple of wacky shots *my Rhoda moment*


Let me tell you, my legs are sore from so much walking today. I honestly am out of shape and I’m worried when our first trip to Disneyland comes around. I will be mega pooped *such an old lady*. Last time we went to California Adventure, it was Easter and we sat around eating and people-watching most of the time. I need to start playing volleyball once a week again soon. Well, tomorrow is a busy day, we need to get the pipe repaired and we are going to see Inception at 2:30 in Los Feliz *Antz Mom is babysitting for us* then of course, our dinner at Dukes *soooo excited!!* and maybe a walk on the beach with Liv if it’s not too chilly. I will be dreaming of this tonight…

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