Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia Lily!!

Our daughter is growing up too fast!! I feel so lucky to be this wonderful, happy child’s Mommy. I love you Olivia!! Thanks to My Mom, her Ninos *Leslie & Stephen* and cousins Greg & Anaiya for joining us on her birthday. Un bisous!!

I love my Rifle & Paper Co banner, I bought mine from Paper Source
We are going to Disneyland on Monday

I love the birds Antz made, so cute!
Antz and his fabulous wrapping skills
She loves to play dress up and be girlie, this blow dryer really works!
I bought this rad birthday shirt from Paperfingers on Etsy
Her expression was priceless!!

Her heels light up too *Groan!*
Every single day for months, Liv has asked us and every person she has come in contact with for a Cinderella gown and glass slippers and a crown.
Olivia is the new Suri Cruise
She insisted we watch Cinderella *her fave at the moment*
Her Aunt Debra gave her a ticket to Disneyland for her birthday!!

She also loves Wreck-it-Ralph. She flipped out over her Vanellope race car *which was very difficult to find*

I love this doll, it’s a collectible from the Disney store
I made Liv a special birthday breakfast *blueberry pancakes with pink food coloring*
Costume change #2, Tinkerbell
Her Ninos gave her a sprinklers toy, French bingo game and an awesome Star Wars book *they always know exactly what to give her*
Antz took this amazing photo of Liv playing with her sprinklers toy. *I love the bathing suit Aimee bought her*
A rare quiet moment, reading with Grammy and Ching Ching
I made Blondies with sprinkles from this recipe *found on my Pinterest* they turned out perfectly!
Liv LOVES to play with her cousin Anaiya

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