30 Day Photo Challenge – 7/30

Today is a fun one, Fruit!

pluots *plum and apricots*

Liv and I went to the Barnsdall farmers market this afternoon.

I love Liv’s French sheath dress, my kid is mad chic!

She’s been eating white peaches like crazy but I wanted to try something new. One of the vendors gave us Dino-egg pluots.

Okay, I was apprehensive at first not being the biggest plum fan but pluots are the best thing ever! I bought one dino-egg and a pound of the cotton candy variety of pluots.

I fell for these lovely hand woven baskets from Ghana. They were a steal at $32, but I didn’t have enough cash on me.

 I just may return to pick up this guy.

So everyone has heard of the famous lock bridge in Paris but little know of the Los Angeles *pitiful* version on Hollywood Blvd. Located on a former subway fence, the locks aren’t as fancy as the French original.

I hope you all can play along 30 Day Photo Challenge

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