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50 Things About Me.

1. I am an only child
2. My Mom is also an only child
3. My three year old daughter is an only child
4. I won the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right when I was 19

5. I won a trip to Venice, Italy, living room furniture and $1,000
6. I have been with my husband for 17 years
7. We have been happily married for 11 years
8. My first job was a camp counselor
9. I was a girl scout for 5 years
10. I prefer being hot to being cold
11. My favorite color is pink
12. I adore freckles
13. I am addicted to instagram
14. and Pinterest
15. I was a child model
16. Bjork is my favorite singer
17. I have seen her live 5 times
18. I went to Paris just to see her live
19. I snuck into her after party after a concert and partied with her
20. I am a celebrity stalker
21. I have met Bjork, Jodie Foster, Spike Lee, Kevin Spacey, Jessica
Alba, *I grew up knowing Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood*, *used to play
kickball with Mena Suvari*, Jeff Goldblum, Alan Cumming, Tori Spelling,
and more D-list celebs to name, *I live in LA* PS Tony Kanal from No Doubt most adorable daughter goes to Liv’s preschool but I pretend I have no idea who he is. Coco and Liv are homies.
22. I love maps and geography
23. I wish I was a world ambassador
24. I can not stand car air conditioning
25. I was wearing my Hot dog on a Stick uniform when I got my drivers license at age 16
26. I am obsessed with Marina Abramovic
27. My favorite movie is The Shining
28. I have a cat named Lola
29. She is named after Dolores Haze from Lolita
30. I love to swim
31. I hate to exercise
32. I wish I had better grammar and a stronger vocabulary
33. I love making lists
34. I love eating ice
35. Jason Schwartzman is my celebrity crush
36. My favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, PT Anderson and Quentin Tarintino
37. I was almost named Ira
38. I desperately want to learn how to speak French
39. Are you bored yet?
40. Planning and throwing a party is my idea of fun
41. I love balloons, flowers, desserts and pretty handwriting
42. I want a pen pal
43. My favorite song *of the moment* is École Buissonnière by Jean Constantin
44. I believe in life after death
45. Halloween is my favorite holiday
46. I am superstitious
47. I have been trying to get my daughter an agent for the last three years
48. I think popular sports are dumb and pointless
49. I hate raw onions
50. I’m going make more of these about me lists


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Bonjour, I am a Francophile who enjoys blogging, baking, Björk, peonies, & traveling. Married to 💍Antz & Mummy to Liv 🇫🇷💄🎈🍰🍟🌸

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