The little kitchen that could!

Good morning lovelies!

It feels like an eternity since I’ve blogged but I am back and with exciting news to share! Our sweet little cucina made her debut on theKitchn this morning. I can’t help but cringe at our before photos, yet it’s funny how so in love I was with that awful orangish/yellow kitchen when we first bought our house seven years ago. I really, really love my new kitchen.

That fabric swatch we picked up at the garage sale has really functioned well for us! A steal at $7!    
I’m normally not a huge fan of blue but I love how the colors pop in such a neutral palette.

It would be rad if you head over the theKitchn and leave a comment on what you think.

Enough about our kitchen, I finally have some photos I salvaged from my Instagram since I still can’t upload any to my laptop *so lame!* Last weekend we went to Liv’s good friend Jianna’s 5th birthday party at an indoor party place called Scooter’s Jungle. It was super fun, the adults were playing just as hard as the kiddos. Here are a video of us being dorks on my Instagram, Super slide.

Ready to party!
Antz and his whimsical wrapping
Making silly faces with the birthday girl in the mirror
Please note the huge NO RUNNING sign!
Princess posing, Liv shows you how it’s done.
Eagerly waiting to go inside
We kicked each other’s butt in table tennis
Cayce, Chayanne and Ann-Marissa *this was the least blurry I got*
I bounced so hard the kids were hitting the ceiling!
Liv on the zipline cracks me up!
Group shot
Happy Happy Birthday Jianna!
Thanks Nicole & James for the wicked fun party

Ready for the best face ever?!!

My kid is super rad!

Thursday Liv’s class had a pumpkin carving party at school. I baked spookie cookies for the potluck.

What would any typical three year girl want to carve in her pumpkin? A vampire of course!
She kept calling the pumpkin guts gross, that’s my kid!
Liv’s most awesome teacher, Miss Maricris
Liv’s BFF Liam and his Mommy.
Scary Vampire!
Mwah ah hah!

 Have a lovely day!




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