The Grand Budapest Hotel

I don’t get to the cinema as often as my pre-kid days which is actually making me much more selective in my film choices. The last movie I saw was Gravity which was amazing. I am highly anticipating the new Wes Anderson movie.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Antz says his films are all the same and I say “Good!” His formulaic approach makes me happy. I am elated to see my yummy Jeff Goldblum and Jason Schwartzman and my favorite crazy kooks Tilda Swinton and Willem Dafoe.  Saoirse *which I always pronounce Say-oh-err-see* is a nice addition to his regular cast. I am a bit disappointed Anjelica Huston was missing from Fantastic Mr Fox and this one but maybe she lost her cool cred for appearing on that Smash show which is, of course, now cancelled. I am also missing Waris Ahluwalia from the cast. Bet you didn’t know he’s an amazing jewelry designer and a stone cold fox. I would melt if Antz would ever dress this dapper.
Homie is wearing a muu-muu and still looks like a MAN!

I LOVE this dude! I wanna make him laugh so hard that milk comes out of his nose and then I’ll shampoo his magnificent beard and comb it all night long. Wes, we want more Waris!! Here’s some more photos for you to drool over. Sex-say!

A few weeks ago Kumar Pallana passed away. He is the Grandpa I wish I had. He was so cute in Rushmore and The Royal Tenebaums. Did you ever catch the scene when Etheline is bringing out Margot’s birthday cake and her hair almost catches fire, you see Kumar react to it if you look closely. He still win’s for best character name ever. Good night, Mr. Littlejeans!
He used to do a spinning plates act on the Mickey Mouse Club

I am hoping Santa*Antz* stuffs my stocking with these lovely bookie wookies.

The Wes Anderson Collection: Matt Zoller Seitz, Michael Chabon: 9780810997417: Books
The Wes Anderson Collection
The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox

So, seen any good movies or read any good books lately?

Still my third favorite movie

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