She’s changing her name!

Hello lovelies,

I am thinking about my blog name and I have decided to change the web address. I have tried unsuccessfully for the last 4 years to obtain the domain name of The dude who owns it doesn’t have a public email address and hasn’t updated his blog for many years. I tried to contact him via the website host but no dice.

I adore the name Violently Happy. It’s dear to me for many reasons. It’s one of my favorite Björk songs.

I think it’s the perfect cohesion of opposite nature. I like the balance of chaos and harmony that is inflected in the name. It sounds good and has power behind it. It describes me perfectly. Alas, reading blog books and even attending an online blogging workshop has taught me the first rule of blogging is establishing your brand. I’m by no means a “professional blogger” but as someone who made a whopping $150 in sponsored revenue and holding a nice steady amount of traffic from all over the world *well, according to Google analytics* I am ready to get rid of the long ass web address  I made it up seven years ago when I decided to try this whole blogging thing out *and only published two posts that year* Besides, is pretty cumbersome to type or remember and I was dumb to even choose it then but so many of my choices were taken, so I settled. Also, I don’t even love robots, I’m sure they will all go berzerk, attack and destroy mankind.

Please, listen to the prophecy.

So all you lovelies who subscribe or have this web address saved, please note I am now officially…

I have had the AOL username sunkissis since 1996 *I know I’m their most valued customer*. That’s like the year the internet began! I remember my Mom invited Antz and I over her house to check out her new Mac computer. We ended up picking our screennames that day. I choose sunkissis because sunkisses was taken and Antz went with blucartoonchickn because he’s a boy and he likes to draw and he’s a nerd. Anyway, we stayed on her computer until the sun came up downloading music and playing in the famous chatroom Guess Movie by Plot *any oldies remember that?* We were hooked to the interwebs and those names have been with us ever since.

In 1998 I got my first iMac

I thought I was hot shit when I got mine!

Sunkissis is my email, my Instagram username, my Pinterest and my twitter handle, may as well keep it all the same family. Lucky for me, it’s available. I just hope I can figure out a way to get this address change to the rest of the world *since clicking on my old blog address no longer works* I wish I knew more about learning computers.

What’s that address again?


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