Throwback Thursday

A few days ago I cleaned out all my old files. Our drawer was getting to full so I thought “I should clean out my old car folders, since I’ve hoarded all my paperwork for all eight of my cars!” So, look what I found!!

usLIlg on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

My old school IDs and driver’s licenses.

Did you catch my surfer phase in tie dye? These crack me up!

I still have my provisional drivers permit from when I was fifteen. Funny fact…I wore my Hot Dog on a Stick uniform the day I took my driver’s license test back in 1993. I am pretty sure it helped me pass. It was such a laid back experience, my DMV tester (looked like a creep) let me play the radio and I barely had to do anything other than drive around the block. I remember he had horrible breath and kept asking me if I was going out to party when I got my license, gross! Which is probably why I still suck at parallel parking twenty years later.

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