Today is Violently Happy’s 5 year anniversary

I feel like I’m in a funk. I have so much on my mind and yet nothing to write about. My blog is where I can share my life moments and go on about my crazy dreams. I haven’t been able to blog for the last two months *which feels like an eternity* because I feel stuck. I was riding high after our kitchen remodel and we had a fun summer but lately, I’m just going through the motions. I do not thrive in a routine. I am craving spontaneity. Aimee and I were talking about taking a road trip together *just us girls for a few days* up north to Portland, Oregon. I’ve been before for a week at basketball camp when I was fourteen. All I remember was a ga-zillion trees.

I fell in love with The Ace Portland

We are super stoked to see the beach where they filmed Goonies.

The mega nerd in us is geeking out over the idea of checking out the Timberline Lodge *does it look familiar?* We’ll see if the roads are open and safe first.

However, she’s moving into a new place soon *hopefully closer to me!* so our trip has been postponed until March. I think another reason I’ve been so bummers is I’m stressed out about the new French school enrollment. It’s such a huge uncertainty we’ll get in and I am overwhelmed by the tuition and fees. Liv’s education is worth every penny don’t get me wrong but we could use that cash for a much needed vacation-that-will-not-be-named or much needed house repairs.

Ten years ago, I was looking at Björk’s website when I saw she would going on tour in Europe. Then out of the ordinary I told Antz and Aimee we were going to London and Paris to see her. They didn’t take much convincing and by June we were boarding a plane with hardly any money and no real itinerary. It turned out to be one of the most fun times of my life. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Clubbing in Soho London
If you squint you can see a blue speck that is Björk
The metro/tube was so fun but also super stinky!
The lovely room we caught scabies in
The bells of Notre Dame
On top of the Eiffel Tower
I can’t remember where we were going here but we couldn’t understand a word the cabbie guy said
Harry Potter was a phenomenon in London
This Beefeater dude loved us!

The photos from the six days trip were taken with my $28 NON-digital camera from Target. So many shots were out of focus or didn’t develop. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself with endless digital photography technology now.

Am I having a mid-life crises? My brain keeps dredging up the past and nagging me of how lame and boring I’ve become. I am yearning for those pre-mortgage/bills weight of responsibility or keeping fresh milk in the house of my 20s. Someone recently said to Antz and I at a party “Do you live to work or work to live?” Is either way quality of life? I give my own self the yawns! I suppose I’m going through some pre-winter blues so I won’t be blogging just for the sake of blogging. I hate coming off as a Debby downer but let’s keep it real, no one’s life is perfect. I’ll just hang on until I get that next stamp on my completely empty passport book.

Smell ya later!

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