Winter Solstice 2013

This past weekend was Liv’s school’s annual Winter Solstice. It was raining like crazy and must have been one of the coldest days we’ve had here in Los Angeles.

My wardrobe doesn’t accommodate for anything lower than 60°. As I was leaving the house the sun peeked through the clouds so I put away my rain boots remembering how hot I was last year from working the craft stations. I was sure my outfit would be appropriate.

I am in love with my new Créme de la Créme sweater, it’s super warm and soft.
Of course an hour before the solstice began it poured rain like Noah’s Ark. Guess who had frozen ankles? 
This frozen elf!
At least Liv got to wear her Hatley raincoat and boots I bought last year *on super sale* I wasn’t expecting her to fit them until she was like 6 years old but dude, this kid is a growing machine!
Renae, the owner of the school, had tents for everything *even the snow sledding* so we proceeded rain or shine, and the sun did eventually return. I was pretty sure not so many people would come out in such bad weather but I was surprised by the community support for our school. There were more people than ever and I was busy the whole time running the crafts. It was pretty cold but a few glasses of mimosa kept me warm.
How cute did these turn out? Sunflower/bird & Big Bird-opus

We sold out of all one hundred of these guys!
Olivia’s classmate Maximo’s decorated gingerbread man

We decorated ornaments, stockings, gingerbread men and our most popular build-a-buddy. It’s funny to me that we take stuffed animals and cut their heads off, then the kids can choose from a box of bodies and heads for us to sew back together. The combinations are so funny but some kids try to find the original head with the original body. 

We donated the pink cookies to the bake sale
The lovely ladies who make Liv’s school so rad
I adore lady DJs
Kissy Kissy
This lady is so rad!

So many goodies were in the holiday boutique. I left my wallet at home so I didn’t get to shop.

This chick is adorable, her sweater and turban are so sweet

So, I was eyeing this hat from one of our vendors at the holiday boutique. I look so awkwardly like Indiana Jones in hats like these. I wish I could rock a hat as cool as my BFF does but my hat is oddly shaped, no hipster hat for moi.

After a few hours I was finally able to sneak away and join Liv & Antz in some family fun.

Liv won tiny goldfish *they only lived one day 🙁
The snow survived the heavy rain
Train ride in the rain
She still has this mermaid tattoo
Liv and her incredible teachers.
Lovely Miss Chrissy
Mr George
I had the most amazing bacon and egg sandwich ever. I know you may be thinking what’s so amazing about bacon and eggs but the special ingredient is sweet sun-dried tomatoes and herbs cooked into the eggs. I wish I could have them for breakfast everyday.
Those who know me know I’d rather put a fork in my eye than eat a veggie but these tomatoes are amazeballs!
It’s a good thing I got one when I did because when I went back to order one for Antz they were all out of the sun-dried tomatoes and herbs that make the sandwich so amazingly good. Hopefully he’ll get to try one next year. He made up for it in tamales though.
Unlike last year, Liv was super happy to see Santa and she spent about fifteen minutes letting him know all the things on her wish list. To sum it up, she wants every Disney princess dress ever made *everything must be like her friend Kaia*

 Pretty rad shot

We had so much fun before I knew it, it was time to go. It was such a successful event, the school may be getting a new treehouse built soon.

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