Road Trip: Solvang, California

I have been to Solvang a bunch of times but my Mom has never been. So I surprised her with an impromptu road trip up the coast last Monday. Liv joined us and we got there pretty early so there was no wine tasting on this trip but we did have lunch at an authentic Viking restaurant. The weather was lovely, we strolled around town with Ching Ching looking at the wooden clogs and all the Christmas decorations. I brought home some delish cheese Danish and Liv got a lollipop that she devoured in ten minutes!

Grumpy cat sweater!!

Liv is all about making what I call “stroke face”

It was a fun quick trip. I am super stoked for our road trip to Portland in March. I am super excited because I finally fixed my storage issue! I moved all my 18,000 photos to my time capsule so I have tons of storage on my hard drive now. I re-installed Photoshop on my laptop so I will have some fun playing with it this weekend. I am so happy I have that all sorted out. I will start my e-course soon.

Happy Friday the 13th!!

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