Birthday Party: Finn’s First at Vincent Lugo Park

I cannot believe baby brother Finian is already one!! Seriously, adorable little ones really speed time up. I shared this amazing party invite already but it’s so rad that I have to show it off again.

Brilliant artwork and party theme Morgan & Terry!!
Antz is the raddest gift wrapper there is
Vincent Lugo park is such a treasure. Beautifully preserved and restored.
The birthday boy, sweet Finn!!
Terry’s Mom made these lovely sea serpent gifts
Olivia painted her boat when we got home
Morgan’s Mom is a Cake Master *check out Kieran’s birthday Dodger cake*
Lew doggy is always on her best behavior
Finn is gonna walk any minute now
We made a game out of catching falling leaves from the trees
She got one!

This cute group were doing T’ai Chi when we arrived
Liv found a stage to rock out her Thriller dance
rb_p73 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Liv goes backwards on slides like Pippi

Always first in line for CAKE!!
Happy Happy birthday baby brother
Liv ate her slice of cake and had blue lips for the whole day
He’s so cute I could die!

Thanks amigos! You throw the best parties XOXO

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