Tuna Melts my Heart

No, not the fish but the raddest dog ever, Tuna. My BFF first introduced me to with this adorable chiweenie a few weeks ago. I started following him on instagram just to see this face!

Best Derp face ever!!

Today this guy was at Handsome Roasters so I had to go get a photo with his lovely face. He was so tiny and sweet.

He wasn’t showing his teefs but his Mommy showed them off for me.

His Mommy giving Tuna some water

There were a lot of fans to see him, he’s got quite the following. Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by Poketo to get our #poketoholiday photo taken by Meiko with this colorful backdrop by Adi Goodrich. I see some familiar faces on Poketo’s photo stream.

Meiko took this one with my camera.

GSyFQr on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Liv calls Poketo the toy store since she always wants a toy from there. The shop always has fun things going on and is beautifully curated by Ted & Angie.

They have too much cute stuff I want to buy!
I can’t wait to make this yummy smelling mulled cider by Urban Palate on Christmas Eve!

What a fun day! We sent out our holiday card so in a few days I’ll share it.

Nighty Night

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