Olivia the Socialite

Liv has too many social obligations! I pray I’m not raising the next Parasite or Lindsay *Gross* So yesterday was busy, we went to World Citizen Class and Liv’s outfit was all the rage!!

Liv was rockin her Fame look!

She was really feeling the vibe in class

She is an ounce away for not being able to fit this outfit *sads, it’s my absolute favorite from Godmommy Aimee*

I suppose she was channeling her Grammy Bobbye because she was playing drums like a pro

After class we went to Babies R Us and I scored this lovely dolly for Liv’s birthday present.
She has freckles and everything!! Super cute
We had lunch and went home for a midday nap then headed right back to HeartBeat House for the Atwater Mommy Playdate. Antz met us there and there was double the amount of parents this time and it was 3 of the kids birthday.

She had so much fun and we met more kids her age. Every time we go to this playdate it makes me want to live in AV more. Lame!!
Anyway, she was super hyper last night and we didn’t get her to sleep until 10pm. Today I had to take some paperwork to Dr. Wang to fill out for her nursery school application. I was speaking to some Moms yesterday and they said they are already on the waitlist so I’m putting her on it on Friday. The application is 20 pages long!! Now I’m a little stressed because when I went to the school the director told me she’d be fine for next year but with so many kids her age, I would die if she didn’t get in. 🙁
So after we dropped off the application with Dr. Wang we went to check out swimming lessons for Liv. Turns out the next session starts in 2 weeks so I have to register her this Saturday. We are going to do it on Saturday mornings so Antz can join us. I am super stoked about it because it’s been hot as hell lately. We went to Whole Foods and I bought these lovely peonies for Liv’s nursery. I really adore peonies…I can’t wait to grow them because they are very pricey.
Well, I have a list 2 pages long of things to do for Liv’s birthday…I just ordered some of her presents and I bought her swimsuit from BebeGap *who was having an awesome Mother’s Day sale* so I picked up a few more pieces
The shorts were 2 for $20 and the floral one piece was on super sale for $6.97!! Now I need to get her some flip flops and she’s all set.
4 weeks to go, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!
She wasn’t into last week’s pic…haha, I think her pouty face is awesome!!
Bonne Nuit!

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