Palms Place Part Two

We had so much fun in Vegas. We had a steady routine of eating, taking magnificent showers, drinking, napping, gambling, eating again, going to the spa and sleeping. Antz and I did pretty good on the roulette tables, the dealers were funny and sweet. They remembered us every time we would come by. I had such a good time in the condo, the endless closet space, the floor to ceiling panoramic views, the vanity…swoon! I am not even a big fan of Las Vegas but owning that condo would be sweet. I could only wish to have that kind of space in our house. Photos don’t do it justice but I had a dorky photo shoot in the whirlpool tub. My Mom and I had a fantastic spa day. Antz and Liv went to Circus Circus and we met up for lunch at Simon Restaurant for sushi. We took a tour of Palms Place and all the amenities and pretty much stayed at the resort the whole time, there’s a movie theater, food court, tons of restaurants and a condo-only pool *so much better than the hotel’s pool which is full of obnoxious, drunk frat boys* Here’s some more photos in no particular order because I can’t remember when I took them. Side effects of Vegas; memory loss and all my clothes smell like smoke.

Don’t hate on my Mom’s Ninja turtle pants and wedge sneakers
Two shower heads and a rainhead, the shower was so big I couldn’t fit it all in one photo!
I wish I could have filled the tub with skittles
Guess who crashed my photoshoot?
What a Boozer!

Liv must have taken 32 baths
Liv scored this mask at Circus Circus and refused to take it off
Room service, Best fucking filet mignon cobb salad of my life!!
Even though it was really cold, there were brave people swimming
I couldn’t get my Mom to leave
We spent half our time in elevators!

Smell ya later Vegas!

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