Pediatrician Appointment for our Princess

This dreary morning *doesn’t that sound like the name of an emo band* we rushed to Liv’s doc appt. We didn’t see Dr. Wang because she is leaving to start her own practice and we are going with her but she is taking this month off to get the new offices open so we had to see a new doc *Hartford* for Liv’s 4 month vax. She did excellent, she made a little frown when she got the second shot but Mommy & Daddy were distracting her so she didn’t even cry. I think the numbing cream I put on her helps. Liv measured 26 1/4 inches *97th percentile* and she weighs 14 lbs 8 oz. *75th percentile*

She totally wasn’t even aware of the doc but she was really nice *so nice Antz was considering staying with them but I am loyal to Dr. Wang. She is super awesome and she was there when Olivia was born so I feel like in a platonic way they have a bond. I love the concept of the nurses giving Liv her shots so the pediatrician doesn’t create a hostile relationship with Olivia. I spent most of the day washing dishes from yesterday’s baking and trying not to eat all the brownies *I only had one, ok a LARGE one*
Daily Candy sent me an email about this place in Moorpark that has a pumpkin farm. I think one day next week *Antz will take a day off* we’ll take Liv there because it sounds awesome. I’d rather go on a weekday because I know on a weekend it would be too crowded to get any good pics. We may take Antz Mom with us. I can’t believe how much time I screwed around online today. I need to watch Mad Men and Amazing Race before my DVR deletes them!!

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