Cirque de Bebe Dress Rehearsal

Awww, I am so sad I just dropped my baby *Maxwell* off at Story & Chris’s house. Since we had the tables all set up we did a mock up of one of the tables fully decorated. I was worried about how the canopies fit and they just make it. The dessert/drink table seems crowded and we still don’t know where we are setting up Jeff Victor’s table.

I am normally not a fan of animal print but the zebra is a nice contrast to the blue and yellow.
At least I won’t have to worry about flies devouring my food

My lovely cleaned the house while I was gone and now I need to put the apple juice in the baby bottles, put the pencils through the Baby Wishes and finish changing the bedding. I am hoping I can get to bed before midnight, so I’ve got a solid 2 hours to get busy. I am beyond exhausted and I’m sure Olivia is not happy that I have been so active this week 🙁

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