LA Cake Club

We had so much fun at the second LA Cake Club this afternoon. I wanted to make something easy to eat and fun so of course I thought of everyone’s favorite treat…BACON!!

This will be the cover of my future baking cook book

I made mini maple bacon cupcakes. According to Aimee, Liv and Antz *my volunteer tasters* they were fantastic. I am so pleased with how they turned out, perfectly sweet and savoury.

This time Cake Club was held near my house at the cutest outdoor courtyard by a company called littlemeatsla. I bought a ton of Oh Joy for Target party supplies last month so I was able to use my new lovely cake stand.

This is how Cake Club usually starts

I was so happy to see some ladies from the first Cake Club but also met new friendly faces. The cakes and treats were mind-blowing delicious. Everyone made exotic tastes and impressive displays. I was overwhelmed by all the sugar goodness. Luckily, I brought most of the desserts home to share with Antz and Liv.

That incredible cake in the foreground had edible flowers!!
Robin took this rad shot of my cupcake
Liv and our Cake Club founder, Sara

Olivia was super happy to play with my Instagram soulmate, Rachel’s sweet daughter. Of course Liv claimed her as an instant BFF!

Two ladies at Cake Club, patiently waiting for treats

“Hey, I have an idea, let’s put all these rocks inside our dresses!!”
Cheeky girls

The bffs made friends with two sweet older girls from Australia and their crazy adorable baby pug, Basil. They corrected me, “It’s Bah-sill!” The girls hung out with their new friends most of the time playing.

We all fell hard for this little guy

Rachel totally hooked me up with an amazing deal on my long sought after Miffy lamp. I was planning to go to the Miffy store in Amsterdam and bring it home on the plane but the lamp’s cord would be fitted for Europe. She gave me a discount code and free shipping at Giggle so I got an American one, so stoked!! Merci beaucoup Rachel.

Rach & me *we heart each other hard*
Check out how in sync we are!!

Just when I didn’t think the day could get any better, I was surprised to see my Instagram crush Christina show up with her awesome boyfriend Morgan! Her Instagram feed is colorfully gorgeous like she is!!

We have been following each other for months so it’s fun to finally meet in person. I am so blown away by her incredible photography.

Before I knew it, it was time to go. So much fun. I almost didn’t sign up since I have been so busy preparing for our trip but I am so happy I did. I feel so good seeing creative and fun people. If you are pretty good at baking, I recommend you follow the LA Cake club feed to find out when the next one is taking place. It’s a wonderful group of people.

 My love made this lovely art of us. I love it like I love cake!

2 thoughts on “LA Cake Club

  1. Your cupcakes were amazing!
    And how fun to read that you'll be visiting Amsterdam soon! Too bad we didn't spoke each other at the Cake Club because I'm from Amsterdam! My husband and I moved to LA a year ago and we will also be visiting Amsterdam soon, for the first time since we left 🙂

    Let me know if you need more recommendations!

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