More Hotel Dramarama in Amsterdam

As a fan of the Roaming gnome, I began my travel search with Travelocity but for some reason they wouldn’t allow me to book the airline I wanted and the same itinerary was more expensive. Liv’s Godfather Stephen recommended using Expedia which they used for their trip to Europe last year so I gave them a chance. Monday I spent over two excruciating hours on the phone booking our trip to Europe with Expedia. I put together a crazy itinerary but the guy who helped me was incredible, everything was good until it was time to confirm our hotel in Amsterdam. For the strangest reason there is a limit of two guests maximum of hotel room occupancy for 90% of Amsterdam hotels. I can’t believe it! I called the hotel directly and told them about it and they were baffled as well. My issue was, in order to get a huge discount with Expedia, I had to book at least two hotels and two flights so we had to choose a different hotel than the one I really wanted. For obvious safety reasons, I am not going to disclose our travel dates or hotel info but these are the hotels we couldn’t book because of that silly rule.
Inntel Hotel Amsterdam-Zaandam
Fletcher hotel
Hotel l’Europa
The Dylan
Conservatorium Hotel

So bummed I missed out on these incredible places. We ended up booking a corporate boring place for one night but I am stoked about our hotel for our second night.

Here are my must-see/do for Amsterdam

The Anne Frank Museum
Van Gogh Musuem
Canal cruise
The Miffy store
Sissyboy Homeland
Rent a bakfiets
see the Windmills

My next post will be Jolly olde England!!

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