Hoppy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. Last week Olivia received some special mail from her grandmommy Bobbye. She loved getting her own mail in the post.

Then her Grandmother Maria gave her a basket and Godmommy Aimee brought her a rad basket. Sunday morning the Easter bunny brought Liv a basket too. Three baskets for this kid!!

Liv was very pleased with her basket loot, she even got a Venus Flytrap plant!

We spent the day at Olivia’s Nino’s house for their annual Easter brunch and egg hunt.

Leslie made these adorable bunny ears
Temptation, thy name is cake and donuts *I resisted, I’m on a strict salad and water diet until our trip*
A toast to the lovely host
Sweet little bunnies
Liv can spell fox and her name
He really enjoyed the Honeybaked ham
I love my new dress
This confetti egg didn’t crack the first time
So she hit me twice as hard and broke my head!
It was a confetti egg war
she still has confetti in her hair a week later
Thanks for the photobomb Antz

Then we stopped by Antz Mom’s house for a second and headed off to church. For the last 3 years we’ve been going to the afternoon mass and we love it. It’s so much less crowded and you have the rest of the evening to relax.

Liv brought a confetti egg to get Grandma

I won a Caption this contest that Leslie’s bakery *Brown Box Bakery* had last week!!


 Leslie delivered my lovely carrot cake. It’s sooo pretty!

Since I was on a diet, I didn’t feel guilty for eating carrot cake since it’s gluten-free and diabetic-friendly. They have really good treats if you are needing a cake or cookies for someone with food restrictions or allergies.

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