Olivia’s 4th Birthday at Disneyland Paris

We had a small party for Liv at our apartment and then surprised her with a trip to Disneyland Paris. I booked it through a tour company so we were picked up in a coach and driven right to Disneyland’s front entrance. Since we were getting picked up by the company, we spent twelve hours at Disneyland. It wasn’t even close to dark when we left! I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed her fourth birthday in Paris.

We celebrated with a sparkler candle I bought from Urbanic and tart au fraise from the patisserie
Antz made a brilliant wrapping paper solution


I am sure this is going to be a birthday she never forgets. *I won’t let her!*


These crazy eyes are super excited


I always head to City Hall to get a badge before we begin
She spoke very little English but I understood Joyeux anniversaire, Olivia
She got a special birthday call from Mickey in French
If I had more room at home, I would have bought this doll
Olivia is so thrilled to get this Blanche-Neige dress
Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant
Liv would not let go of the sides of her dress. She transformed into a princess
Who’s the Fairest of them all?
The Snow White ride was much scarier than the California version, the French really enjoy scaring kids
Liv was accidentally mistaken for Snow White
Alice’s Curious Labyrinth


This way Daddy!
Liv finally got us out of that Shining-like maze
She told every single cast member it was her birthday


This was worth everything to see her face light up!
Tweddledum was trying to freak me!
This was Liv during the entire ride. The Phantom Manor is much more scarier than the tame California one
Gorgeous shot Antz
We finally found a place to eat that wasn’t a buffet. Who goes to an all-you-can eat buffet at an amusement park?
Okay, last time I saw Captian EO was the late eighties, I couldn’t believe they had it here
Olivia was so excited when she saw the poster, but sadly the ride has been closed for years, BOO!
Since she told the crew it was her birthday, she got VIP front of the line treatment
Every single ride was a five minute wait, except to see the Mouse


Waiting for the parade
The long sought after Elsa plush. I should have bought ten and sold them on the Frozen black market!
All the kids went ape shit for this float
Happy birthday kiddo! We love you!!

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