Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Centre

Our experience at our first hotel in Amsterdam was meh. We checked out bright and early and hopped on the tram *along with all 8 pieces of our luggage* and headed to our next hotel. The Lloyd reminds me of The Overlook hotel in The Shining. It had creepy long corridors and used to be a prison long ago. The designers infused modern spaces that were bright and open, seamlessly blending the gorgeous 1920’s architecture. There were common areas like a library, offices and art spaces. We spent an hour just exploring the labyrinth of a hotel before dropping our luggage off and heading out to the city.

Photographing this hotel was like a photo shoot with a supermodel, every angle was perfection.
Hello gorgeous!
This chandelier wins!
Signing the guest book
Antz captured four year old Olivia perfectly
Learning the history of the hotel
I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find Jack Nicholson in this photograph



I want a steamer trunk like this one so bad!
Just waiting for Danny to ride his Big-Wheel down this hallway


La bibliothèque
I know my Mom would love this chair
Original e-mail
One day I will own a sawhorse desk


The store
Local Dutch brew
Fries with mayonnaise is the best!

The Lloyd is enormous yet has only 117 rooms. You won’t find a corporate boring room like the one we stayed in on our first night. Most of the rooms are designed by Dutch artists and they range from one star amenities to five star. I love the idea of different styles of rooms at every price range. There’s even a room with a bed for eight! Here are some more unusual hotel rooms. Our room is considered the Honeymoon suite and I was so excited that we were able to book it. I loved every second in that room. I wish there wasn’t a TV in there because we never used it and it took away from the simple design of the room. Not to sound like some kind of snob but I’ve stayed a plenty of five star hotels yet this hotel was the most interesting and hauntingly beautiful place.

I know, I’m such a tease. I shall post our room soon.

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